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For the flick The Abyss James Cameron wanted it to look as authentic as possible, and CGI was still a new thing, so it was decided to shoot underwater. Their were not tanks anywhere big enough to film in, so after some scouting, the crew came across an abandoned nuclear power plant on which construction was never competed. The studio bought up the property and converted it into a movie set, using the outbuildings as the interiors for the Deepcore station, but they also built a 1/8 scale exterior of the Deepcore set inside of the containment building of the reactor! Inside the reactor they were able to pump in 7 million gallons of water, to a depth of 40 feet, and completely submerge the set. After the movie was completed, it was pretty much abandoned. Over time, people have trashed the interiors, but exterior of Deepcore still exists. Check out links to some pictures and more after clicking Read the rest…

Sometimes you can find a Firefly in the strangest places…

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Several weeks ago I was poking around Wil Wheaton’s blog and found a link to who had taken an image of the Enterprise, NCC-1701 D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and overlaid it onto real world images using Google Maps. Well, I just got my blueprints for my favorite ship, Serenity, so I thought I would give it a try with some Earth that was locations. I’m using some of the locals from RFJason for comparison, as well as some of my own places, starting with a few from Wisconsin.

Wisconsin State Capital in Madison. I know the building quite well and was really surprised on how closely Serenity matches up to it on width and length. The Capital is about twice as high.

Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, home to the University of Wisconsin Badgers Football team. Something tells me the crew of Serenity are not Badger fans…

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Things I learned from Firefly

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I learned that betrayal is sudden, but inevitable.

I learned that I can wear my pretty floral bonnet and still end someone.

I learned that the Bible is a mite fuzzy on the subject of kneecaps.

I learned that Stegosaurus and a T-Rex can never be friends.

I learned that after a long day, you’ll feel better if your spouse tears your clothes off.

I learned that spaceships are not science fiction but telepathy is.

I learned that, despite being told not to hit someone in the face with a closed fist, sometimes it’s just hi-larious.

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