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Chernobyl, Ukraine, Ocober 1995.
I have always been fascinated by the aftermath of the events that took place over 21 at the power plant outside of town Pripyat known as Chernobyl. On April 26, 1986 at 1:23 am a series of design flaws, human error and lack of communication merged resulting in the worst nuclear disaster of all time. The aftermath has caused the death of thousands of people, the abandoning of entire towns within 20 miles of reactor 4 and billions of dollars in clean up costs. Some people have been able to get into the exclusion zone with their cameras to show the rest of the world their results.

The first site I encountered years ago, Kidd of Speed was one of the first internet sites to show images of the area today. Their is controversy over the some of the details of her story, but her pictures speak for themselves.

Mark Resnicoff visited in June of 2006 brining back many fantastic images that include the control room where the events 20 years early had taken place. In addition to the photo journal, he has also posted approximately 200 other pictures of his trip.

Visiting Chernobyl contains more pictures, including many of the boneyard of vehicles and helicopters that were used at the reactor. Some of those items will not be able to be approached by man until long after they have turned to rust.

3 more shots of the boneyard from overhead, beautiful pictures.

Google Maps has some very high resolution satellite pictures of the area. Some of the more notable places:
The Sarcophagus protecting the remains of reactor 4
Pripyat was the home to nearly 50,000 people, many who worked at Chernobyl, now empty
Devils Wheel, also known as a ferris wheel that was to open June of 1986
Town of Chernobyl once home to over 14,000 people, now 2,000 scientists and maintenance staff for the power plant.
Contaminated ships now abandoned due to the massive amounts of radiation on board

Video footage shoot right after the meltdown

Wiki entry for the disaster

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